At a Glance


  • Simple and short commissioning
  • Simple operation
  • Switch cabinet is integrated in the machine
  • Compact design
  • Low investment costs


  • Bakery bags
  • Bags in the range of medium format

Product information

The MATASIM flat and satchel bag machine newly developed by GARANT in 2018 expands the range of successful MATADOR machines.
During development, the main focus of the engineers was on the principle of simplicity. Paper bags can be produced quickly and with minimal effort.

In addition, there is the fact that the MATASIM is recommended by a very low-maintenance concept. The accessibility of the individual machine components; the machine is therefore absolutely user-friendly.
With this product of German engineering work, users are addressed who want to produce simple products on a correspondingly inexpensive machine. The MATASIM is a very compact machine that can be integrated into any production site.

Technical Data

Format Ranges

Bag width60 - 280 mm2.36 - 11.02 inch
Cut-off length105 - 560 mm4.13 - 22.05 inch
Max. side gusset (open)140 mm5.51 inch
Production methodsingle-websingle-web



  • Inline printer
  • Window unit


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