GARANT Production Monitoring


Why GARANT Production Monitoring?

GARANT Production Monitoring (GPM) is the IoT system from GARANT and helps you to record and analyze production data and thus improve the productivity of your machines. This digital transparency increases your planning reliability and productivity and offers you the ideal extension into digitalization.

Alerting enables short-term reaction
Reduce waste and downtime with data-based error detection and notification. Triggered alarms are recorded, grouped and logged by frequency and duration so that detailed analyzes can also be performed.

Extensive analysis options
GPM provides you with precise documentation of all processes and enables a company-wide analysis of all performance data.

Optimization of processes
The visually displayed findings from your processes ensure continuous improvement, so that optimal utilization of your systems is possible. With the help of Order & Reciepe Management you can plan and control your processes efficiently.


  • Real-time and historical data monitoring
  • Alarm notification in case of malfunctions and problems
  • Various analysis options for process optimization
  • Efficient order and production management
  • Individual product-relevant adaptation to internal communication

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