Your advantages

Your advantages at a glance

  • Modernization of older GARANT machines through innovative retrofitting
  • Modular retrofit solutions for second-hand W&H machines
  • Increased machine availability and productivity
  • Long-term protection of the machine investment
  • Highest quality through the use of original spare parts

Product information

With us, you always keep state-of-the-art

With reliably high quality, GARANT machines ensure consistent performance and first-class products. The service life can be significantly extended by qualified maintenance. Innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter with increasing market pressure. Buying a completely new machine is not always the most effective way to innovate.
Modern retrofitting is one way to combine continuous progress with cost efficiency. With our retrofit solutions, we modernise your machine to the latest state of the art. In this way, we ensure high machine availability over the long term while simultaneously increasing productivity.

Our extensive knowledge enables us to offer you a wide range of modernizations. Our strengths also include customer-specific special solutions, whereby our experts always remain focused on the machine as a whole.