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Customer service and troubleshooting through our Information & Diagnostic Center (IDC)

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Why Hotline & Remote Support?

In the event of machine problems, fast action is required. Our GARANT Information & Diagnostic Center (IDC) provides you with immediate support. With the help of our modern remote maintenance technology (Remote service), our product specialists can connect to your machine via the internet and solve any problems that arise. Mobile chat and live video functions make the exchange of information with you even easier and more intuitive.
This allows components to be identified quickly and efficiently and malfunctions can be detected and corrected. Via our remote service, error messages, production parameters and machine settings can be seen by our experts.

The result: More than 80% of the reported issues arecorrected quickly and successfully with remote service.This saves you time and money.

Your advantages

  • Troubleshooting through direct online remote access to the machine
  • Use of the remote service for repairs
  • Minimized downtime due to fast trouble shooting
  • Avoid the costs and wait associated with a service visit
  • Increase of machine productivity


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