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Why Field Services & Maintenance?

A professional and regular machine audit along with maintenance is the foundation for producing premium products reliably. GARANT has an international team of experienced service technicians. Together with our partner companies and the W&H Group we provide field services for our customers worldwide.
With our expertise we help you to identify necessary steps to avoid unexpected issues. Our comprehensive documentation ensures that you are always informedabout the condition of your machine and take the right measures to maintain the highest level of performance.
By auditing your machine with your checklist, we can provide you with the current machine status including recommendations for action.
For repairs and maintenance we use only high-quality maintenance and original parts.

Your advantages

  • Increase in production reliability and Productivity
  • Minimization of downtime
  • Optimization of the machine life cycle, through professional recommendations
  • Avoidance of possible machine damage through preventive maintenance
  • Worldwide availability of experiencedservice technicians


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