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the field of action Governance

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In the past, particular focus was placed on environmental projects and social aspects when it came to sustainability-related activities. Now, corporate governance has been identified as a new, important area of action for sustainability management and incorporated into our sustainability strategy. Of course, compliance and legal conformity have always have been the basis and a fundamental pre-requisite of our business activity. The intention behind the integrated management of ESG action areas is to establish a holistic approach to sustainability management and enable us to adapt to the new challenges that we face as a commercial enterprise and member of society; these are challenges that we hope intend to address actively.

Our focus topics in the field of action "Governance"



"We regularly report our progress on sustainability to our stakeholders. We base our results on measurable and comparable KPIs where possible."

Sustainability communications

Since we introduced sustainability management in April 2023, expanding our sustainability-related communications has been a clear focus for the second half of the year. We have spent this time developing a range of internal and external communication formats:

  • GARANT Sustainability Report 2022/23
  • Sustainability management page on the internal company network
  • Content for the GARANT homepage
  • Regular articles in W&H‘s in-house magazine "FÜR DICH".

During this process, we are constantly striving to create transparent sustainability-related communication that is based on KPIs wherever possible.

Sustainable networks and dialogues

GARANT is actively involved in regional and inter-regional experience exchanges in an effort to speak to other companies about sustainability issues and activities. This includes, for example, the ECOPROFIT club in the district of Steinfurt.

Communications with a recognition factor: The Greenovation logo

As part of the WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER Group, we use the Greenovation logo to communicate our sustainability activities. In 2021/22, the Greenovation logo was revised and adapted to the broader understanding of sustainability by using of three colors that reflect the fields of action ESG.

Transparency at a glance: Our measures 2022/23

  • Start of sustainability reporting
  • Development of internal and external means of sustainability communication
  • Participation in the ECOPROFIT Club Kreis Steinfurt

Business ethics

Business ethics

"We act legally at all times. Moreover, we are a reliable and honest partner for customers and service providers, and our word can be relied upon."

GARANT and the entire Windmöller & Hölscher Group have high standards for themselves and their employees when it comes to legally compliant and responsible conduct as the basis to our long-term success. Compliance with rules and regulations and a high level of tolerance and respect when dealing with colleagues, business partners and all other stakeholders remain our goal and demand without exception. We do not accept any compromises in this regard.

Due to increasing legal requirements, the following issues have received particular attention in the field of business ethics in recent years and months:

  • Implementation of the new data protection requirements in accordance with the EU GDPR
  • Implementation of the increasing requirements in foreign trade: a new export control organization
  • Implementation of a material compliance management system
  • Implementation of a whistleblower system
  • Implementation of processes to enforce the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains