As a globally active company, we focus on expanding our technological leadership. We owe much of our success to our suppliers. The technological standards of our products and our ability to respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs are benchmarks that also affect our vendor structure.

To ensure that we work with the best partners, we evaluate suppliers according to their past performance. Only consistently strong performers make it onto our preferred supplier list. This list is a prerequisite for new developments and existing products. Through this clear selection, we rely on intensive cooperation and a partnership-based approach.

Early involvement of suppliers, coordinated quality assurance measures and progress in logistics have led to an improved cost base in the past. We continue to strive for process improvements and joint optimization in order to reduce costs. We invite you to join us in developing strategies and making the best use of resources.

Our purchasing strategy principles apply to all suppliers and form the basis for successful cooperation.


  • Complete systems - system supplier
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Additives and lubricants
  • Provision of services
  • DIN and standard parts
  • Materials for electrical installation

How to become our supplier?

How to become our supplier?

We are a leader in the field of flexible paper bag machines and are looking for strong partners for our supply chain. We want to increase the competitiveness of our products through cost optimization and technological progress. Interested suppliers should fulfill the following requirements.

  • Impeccable quality of the delivered products
  • On-time delivery
  • Flexibility in the event of fluctuations in demand
  • Reliability in contractual obligations
  • Delivery of systems, assemblies and individual parts
  • Active cooperation in the continuous improvement of our products
  • Recognition of the GARANT purchasing conditions and complaints management
  • Proactive disclosure of all sustainability data

Do you meet these requirements and would you like to become a supplier?

You will find the corresponding subloads for downloading on our website: (Documents on the left)

Please send your documents to:


Purchasing-related documents

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Quality-relevant documents

Self-instruction for third-party companies

Self-instruction for third-party companies

Self-instruction for third-party companies (Valid for W&H Group)

Self-instruction for third-party companies