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  • Based on the proven TRIUMPH 5-F6 technology
  • Integrated servo support
  • User-friendly machine guidance
  • Numerous possible uses for the bag thanks to its versatility

Application examples

  • Hygienepackaging
  • E-Commerce mailer bag

Product information

Efficient, cost-effective and flexible - the EXTRA 5-FS for a successful production.

Discover the cross bottom bag machine from GARANT. Based on the provenTRIUMPH 5-F6 technology, the EXTRA 5-FS offers integrated servo support and operator-friendly machine guidance. Setup times are reduced and productioncan be fine-tuned on the fly, resulting in greater efficiency in day-to-day productionat a modern level.

Thanks to the bag‘s versatility, there are numerous possible uses for the machine,such as e-commerce and hygiene applications. In the latter, for example,the EXTRA 5-FS can be seamlessly integrated into existing packaging lines.Thanks to the optional filling edge sealing, the full-surface PE coating can also be dispensed with, depending on the application. This enables resource-saving production with lower grammages and in compliance with the 95/5 EU standard.

With the flexibility to meet special requirements, several auxiliary units can also be added.

Technical Data

Format Ranges

Tube width220 – 460 mm8.66 – 18.11 inch
Bottom width80 – 190 mm3.15 – 7.48 inch
Cut-off length370 –770 mm14.56 – 30.31 inch
Roll widthmax. 950 mmmax. 37.40 inch
Roll diametermax. 1300 mmmax. 51.18 inch



  • Shaftless unwinder
  • Non-stop splicer
  • Inline printer
  • Filling edge sealing
  • Wicket hole punching unit
  • Double die cutter
  • Tube end slitting
  • Bottom patch unit


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