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Machine reconditioning

Your advantages

Your advantages at a glance

  • Long-term value retention for your machines
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes
  • Increased machine availability and productivity
  • Maximum quality thanks to the use of genuine spare parts

Product information

We keep your downtimes to a minimum

With their reliable high standards of quality, GARANT machinery guarantees premium product manufacturing and ultimate productivity.
When used on a daily basis, the machine’s various components are subject to constant strain. High production output combined with raw materials and chemicals leads to natural wear. Electrical components are discontinued or fall behind technical standards and have to be replaced.

After years of use, there is no avoiding the replacement of worn components that have become technically outdated. We can support you with professional machine reconditioning. During an inspection, our technicians will identify the measures needed and work with you to create a requirement-based action plan for bringing your machines up-to-date.

Our service technicians will then perform any necessary repairs and replace worn components. As a result, we help to ensure your GARANT machines remain efficient and suitable for use over the long term. With the aim of keeping your machine’s downtime to an absolute minimum, we address your specific needs and develop the ideal solution for you.